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    Dental Floss


    Dental Floss or essential floss

    Cleans where tooth burshes cannot reach

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    Surgical Cap / Bouffant Cap


    Surgical cap Use in different field for safety
    Surgical cap easy to carry and covers your head completely
    Non-Woven Disposable Bouffant Cap
    Light weight and breathable
    Provides ventilation and protection
    Elastic band for Comfortable sung fit
    Available in a Green Color
    Discard after use
    100 Pcs

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    First Choice Alcohol Swab 200 Pcs


    First Choice ALcohol Swab pads
    One pad satirated with 70% isopropyl Alcohol
    Do not reuse
    Discard after single use
    Use for skin cleansing prior to injection or superficial injury
    Used to disinfect non-invasive medical device
    For external use only
    200 Pieces

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    Pulse Oximeter


    Pulse oximeter is compact and lightweight
    Measure oxygen level in blood
    It is an easy
    painless measure
    Pulse oximeters work by emitting two wavelengths of light through the finger, toe, or earlobe
    digital display
    convenient for use at home
    It’s important to follow manufacturer instructions for proper use and maintenance of pulse oximeters. Additionally, healthcare professionals should interpret readings in the context of a patient’s overall clinical condition and symptoms.

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    Belladerma Plaster


    Belladerma plaster Medicated plaster for thermotherapy
    Plaster is very effective against all pain deriving from cold, over work, local trouble of nerves,
    Muscular and contraction of limbs and muscles
    Plaster must be applied externally
    For pain relief

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    Nasal canula


    Nasal canula For single use only
    Discard after use
    Do not use if package is open or damaged
    Do not store at extreme temperature and humidity
    Store in cool dry place
    Ensure that all connections are secure and air circulates freely through the tubing

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    Cooling Gel Patch


    Cooling Gel Patch Ready to use
    Fast acting comfort
    This is not medicine
    Safe to use with medications
    Immediate cooling relief
    For external use only
    For Adult & Children
    6 Pcs in a Box

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    Saniplast First Aid Bandage


    Antiseptic bandage
    Applied Topically on small cuts, wounds, scratches, blister and insect bite
    Pack of 100 strips
    Air permeability

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    Corn Cap


    Clinically Tested
    For external Use only
    5 pcs

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    Neem Herbal Soap


    Prickly Heat Soap
    Double cooling effect
    Free from Animal fat
    Give Clear skin

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    Masterpas Plaster


    Pain relieving Plaster
    10 Sheets
    For External use only
    Masterpas adheres well to any part of the skin, accelerate the circulation of the blood and thus relieve the pain much faster
    Direction for Use:
    Remove attached film and apply to affected parts.

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